Monday, September 26, 2011

Tribal Tours in India

With new advancements taking place every day, it is but quiet obvious that old ways of living are giving ways to newer lifestyle. A number of villages in India are today developing cities and towns; mud houses have been replaced by brick houses, old traditional dresses have been outplaced by new modern dresses and so on.

However, there are still certain sections in India who have religiously adhered to their customs and traditions. The tribal India is one such section. Quiet a number of tribes still reside in the jungle and remote areas of India and follow their ancient customs and traditions. To visit these tribal areas in India is an eye opening experience. A tribal tour in India reveals how people lead their lives in ancient times when so many ultra modern facilities were nowhere to be seen. Transportation mode was not cars and bikes but simple animals or carts. primary occupation was either hunting or cultivation or any other such activity.

Famous Tribes of India
Bodo Tribe , Gond Tribe, Hmar Tribe, Munda Tribe,Oran Tribe
Gaddi Tribe, Khasis Tribe,Dimasa Tribe,Chenchu Tribe, Bhil Tribe

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