Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Animals in India

India is blessed with rich varieties of flora and fauna. It is home to hundreds of species of animals and birds. The varied climate and geographic area make an ideal place of Indian animals. To protect this precious national treasure – India animals, Indian government has opened several wildlife sanctuaries and national parks.

But the increasing human desires, constructions, expansions of agriculture, poaching, faster growing industrialization and trade etc have destructed the habitats of these innocent Indian wild animals. Hence resulting the endangered species in India. Although the Indian Government has taken certain fruitful steps to overcome this serious matter, yet all the efforts are incomplete without our own co-operation. Project Tiger, Save Tiger are some praise worthy steps taken by government of India.

Famous Animals in India
Although there are more than thousands of varieties of animals in India, yet some of the most important Indian animals can be listed below.

Indian Bengal Tigers
Snow Leopard
Indian White Tigers
Indian Lion
Black Buck
Indian Rhino
Indian Cobra Snake
Indian Peacock

So plan Indian wildlife holidays to encounter the rich Indian wild animals.

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