Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hang Gliding Adventure in India

What would be the more adventurous than to fly high in the sky like a bird with your wings open and enjoy the mesmerizing view of surroundings? Yes! Hang gliding is one of the exciting Indian adventure. Hang Gliding in India is available at several spots.

Hang Gliders in India
A hang glider is a quite heavy and bulky object in the shape of a flying bird. It is almost 10 to 35 kg in weight, which is made of a high quality stuff, aluminium tubes, trapeze and cross bar. For the safety of pilot a parachute is attached with the aircraft. These hang gliders are portable, that can be carried easily on your back or in your four wheelers.

Clubs for Hang gliding in India are situated in Pune, Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Shimla, Devlali and Bangalore.

Hang Gliding Courses in India
Hanggliding or Hand Gliding India can not be enjoyed without any training session or assistance. For that in several Indian cities hang gliding courses are run. Some of the famous places for hang gliding courses in India are:
Dharamkot, HP
Kalahatty, Ooty

So plan a Hang Gliding Tour in India and make your Indian adventure vacations most happening ever.

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