Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Theme Tourism in India

How often have you heard that India is a land for all kinds of tourists and wondered about its authenticity? Well, if you ever have, then this article might just help you. India is a country where diversity is evident the moment you move from one place to another. Be it the topographical or the cultural difference, diversity is what will strike you instantly. It is this diversity that provides people with different taste an opportunity to enjoy what they want.

Nature Tourism

Let’s first talk about the topographical difference. India is a vast land covering an area of around 3,287,590 sq km. The terrain ranges from upland plain of the Deccan Plateau in the south to flat and rolling plain along the Ganges, deserts in west, Himalayas in north. The coastline in the country extends upto 7000 km. This difference in the terrain is a delight for those interested in nature tourism. The natural beauty of the towering snowcapped mountains, gushing rivers, huge oceans, sandy desert glittering under the rays of sun and moon offer a spectacle that is loved by nature lovers. These are wonderful sights that offer visitors an opportunity to forget their stressful life and connect to nature and their inner soul.

Adventure Tourism

If nature lovers have a beautiful and soothing experience while visiting these places, those interested in adventure don’t go disappointed either. Trekking and mountaineering in the mountainous region is as popular as rafting in rushing river water. Safaris in desert and snorkelling in sea water too have a charm that is resisted by none. Apart from this, adventure enthusiast also get opportunities to enjoy various other challenging activities in India. Some of these are surfing, skiing, kayaking, parasailing and scuba diving.

Wildlife Tourism
Wildlife areas of India that are now wildlife parks and sanctuaries offer tourists a peak into an altogether different world. Numerous species of birds and animals, some of which are on the verge of extinction, reside in these parks. Tourists undertaking wildlife tourism in India get to see these animals and birds in their natural habitat.

Culture And heritage Tourism
The cultural diversity of India is also very known hence those interested in cultural tourism will also find India an apt destination. The culture and tradition followed in Kashmir in north India is distinctly different from that of Kerala in south India. Similarly the customs and traditions in Gujarat in the west, West Bengal in east, Assam in north east are widely different from one another. Infact, you do not need to go far from one place to another to observe the cultural difference. Even in one state, differences in culture in terms of language spoken, customs followed can be seen. The heritage monuments also offer a glimpse into the past of the place.

Religious/Pilgrimage Tourism
In India religion plays a dominant role and is also a reason for the cultural difference in the country. Almost all the major religions of the world find followers in India. Hence anyone interested in religious or pilgrimage tourism finds India a wonderful destination. Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism are four religions originated in India and then spread to other parts of the world. Apart from this followers of Islam and Christianity also reside in India in great numbers. Devotees of these religions can find numerous sites in India that are considered sacred for pilgrimage. Some of the most revered pilgrimage destinations include Chardham( Hinduism), Bodhgaya (Buddhism), Ajmer Sharief (Islam), Ranakpur Jain Temples (Jainism), Golden Temples (Sikhism) and Churches and Convents of Goa (Christianity).

Rural Tourism

India is a country that resides in villages. Rural areas of India are far from the modern developments that have changed the face of cities and towns. Life is not very easy for people in most of the rural areas as there is a lack of infrastructure, however, the simplicity of the lifestyle is what charms and draws tourists every year.

Luxury/Toy Train Tourism
Train tourism has emerged as one of the most sought after themes in India in recent times. A number of luxury and toy trains have been launched by the railway department in collaboration with state tourism boards. The Palace on Wheels, Heritage on Wheels, Deccan odyssey, Golden Chariot, Shimla Kalka Express, Darjeeling toy train are just few of them. Journeying in these trains not only gives an opportunity to explore the myriad attractions of India but also enjoy a royal treatment that otherwise can be only dreamt of.

Above, I have talked about some of the themes around which tourists can plan their trip to India. Apart from these, there are several other themes which arouse interest in tourists. Amongst them are ayurveda and spa tourism, shopping, eco tourism and wedding tourism.

Here, through this blog, I will try to highlight these themes as well as other ones not mentioned above. Also, you will find details of destinations that are suitable for each of these theme tourism.

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