Friday, May 2, 2008

Adventure Tourism in India

Isn’t it that life gets boring with our regular errands? Isn’t it that sometimes we yearn to do something different, something that we have never tried and gives us a high like never before? We wish to do things that people around us have not done. In simple words, we look for a bit of excitement in our lives and adventure activities is what we opt for in the end.

Options for adventure are umpteen and so are the places where these activities can be undertaken. So below I an giving you a quick look into the adventure options and the places in India where these can be enjoyed. Have a look. (This is the first part. I will give you more options in the next article)

Mountaineering : Towering mountains seem invincible, right? Why not try to conquer them? For beginners, the Friendship Peak in the Beas Kund of Himachal Pradesh is just the right option. It is 5289 m high and requires around 10 days to conquered. Ladakhi (5345 m) is slightly more difficult to climb and is hence good for those who have more stamina. Bhanoti (5645 m) in Kumaon Himalayas in Uttarakhand, Kanchenjunga (8598 m) and Stok Kangri (6153) in Ladakh are other options open for you. While the second last one has a high level of difficulty the last one offers a high chances to be successful.

Trekking : Travelling in a vehicle to explore the rugged regions might sound exciting but how about going there on your two feet? Definetly more adventurous! It is completely a new experience everytime you set out to explore paths less travelled. Beautiful nature and cool fresh air take away all the exhaustion. Options for trekking are many in India. Few amongst them are Dundhar- Kandi trek, Pin Parvati trek in Himachal Pradesh, Yoksum-Goecha-La-Chourikhyang trek in Sikkim, Coorg in Karnataka, Darjeeling in West Bengal.

Biking : For those who just love bikes, this one is a real golden option. Riding bikes on good roads is fun but in the mountains is adventurous. You never really know what might come up at the next turn. Khardung La, world’s highest motorable pass, is a must for biking expedition. The trip begins from Roopnagar in Punjab and ends at Khardung La. The Changthang plateau on the Indo China border, Nathu La in Sikkim and Badrinath in Uttaranchal offer you more options to choose from.

Rafting : Wild rushing water looks dangerous and irresistible at the same time. Rafting gives you an opportunity to enjoy the untamed flow of the water. It tests your patience and courage. Try it out this time to know how it feels when the water rises and falls taking you along with it. What is it like when it turns you raft upside down and challenges you to regain your original position. The Zanskar river in Ladakh, Barapole river in Karnataka, Beas in Himachal Pradesh, Tons river in north west Uttarakhand, Brahmaputra in Assam give you some of the best options to choose from.

Skiing : White snowy slopes are mesmerising.and tempting. Slicing through the powder thin snow sends shiver running down your nerves if you are not experienced. Maintaining your balance seesm to be an arduous task. At the top of it the icy wind can really make you feel freezed. Sounds exciting? Ready to take a plung? Head towards Auli in Himachal Pradesh or Rohtang in the same state. Other destination options for skiing include Yumthang in north Sikkim, Gulmarg in Jammu kashmir, Solang Nallah and Narkanda, yet again in Himachal Pradesh.

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