Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wild Life Tour In India

On a wildlife trip to India, one can explore the richness of wild jungles and lush forests. A trip to the wild life of India shows numerous carnivorous including leopard, wild dog, jungle cat, hyena, jackal, lion and tiger. Other animals that can be spotted in the wild areas of India include elephant and rhino. It would be injustice to the ornithologist/bird lovers if we do not mention that numerous species of birds can also be enjoyed watching in India.

In India, there are currently 80 National Park and 441 wild life sanctuaries and these make India a veritable animal lovers' paradise. It is not possible to describe all the national parks in India, but some of the renowned national parks where one can find the wild beauty are as follows:

Jim Corbet National Park – It is the first national park in India. Here, one can be thrilled by the jeep safari through the deep cutting forest and can enjoy the sight of tiger and its prey.

Ranthambore National Park – Surrounded by the Vindhya and the Aravalli hills it is another national park in north India where one can watch the majestic tiger, herds of sambhar, Indian hare and mountain lizard. Ranthombore National Park is also categorised as a heritage site because of the picturesque ruins of the fort that dot the park. Both an amateur and professional photographer are always attracted by the Ranthombore wildlife reserve.

Gir National Park - Gir National Park of Gujarat is one of the solo homes for the Asiatic lions. It is one of the most prolific area for birds, and Indian wild ass as well.

Bandhavgarh – Bandhavgarh is the biggest tiger reserve in India. The chances of spotting a tiger in Bandhavgarh is comparatively higher than any other national park of the country (excluding Kanha)

Sunderban National Park - Sunderban in West Bengal is famous for its Royal Bengal tigers. The Mangrove forest of Sunderban is also very famous with turtle, crocodile and different species of reptiles.

Kaziranga National Park
– The serene beauty of Kaziranga National Park of Assam leaves a lasting impression on the tourists. It is mainly famous for one horned rhino. Tiger, elephant, jackal, leopard and many more animals also make Kaziranga a delight for animal lovers. It is a bird watchers' paradise too. One can enjoy the elephant safari amidst the tea garden and rubber plantation in Kaziranga national park.

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary
– Also known as Keoladeo Ghana National Park, Bharatpur bird sanctuary boasts of different species of birds. Migratory birds attract a huge number of bird lovers during winter season. Apart from this, there are around 350 other bird species to be seen in Bharatpur. Due to its significance Bharatpur has also been designated a world heritage site by UNESCO.

For more detail please visit http://www.indianwildlifeportal.com/

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