Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Spices of India

Spices of India are world famous. Because of the varying climates in India almost all spices are grown in this country. Spices are defined as a strongly flavored or aromatic substance of vegetable origin obtained from tropical plants commonly used as condiment. In ancient India spices were as precious as gold and as significant as medicines.

The Benefits of Spices

Spices and herbs are good not only for our taste bud but also for our health. These supply calcium, iron, vitamins to our body. Some major spices in India are cardamom, cassia, chilly, cinnamon, clove, hing, coffee, curry leaf, cashew, vanila, ginger, kokam, nutmeg, pepper, tamarind, tea and turmeric. A part from adding colour, flavour and taste, consumption of of spices provide infinite health benefits. You could be more creative in use of spices if you know the better uses of it. Some may be a substitute for your costly beauty products and medicine. Like hing is a great remedy for whooping cough and stomach ache, the antioxidants present in chilly help to cope with cholesterol. It also helps burning calories. All most all the spices of India have great medical values. In our Ayurvedic science all the medicines are made from herbs and spice.

Spice Tour in India
The people of India uses these spices everyday in their food which is called masala. People all over the glove uses more or less spices in their cuisines. It should be mentioned here that India export 45% of global spice. All most all the states of India are famous for one or more spices but the contribution of Kerala in this field is tremendous. Moving around these spice plantations you will feel the aroma transport you to a totally different world. There will not be any difficulty in your spice tour as there are enough facilities available to make you feel comfortable. Some of the plantations have lodging facility. The serene spice plantations of Kerala are soothingly different 'ecotourism' option among Ker ala tour. A spice tour in Kerala definitely fills one's heart with delight and spice. In Karnataka you can make a spice tour where you can enjoy coffee plantation on the foot hills of Himalaya. And in your Rajasthan tour you can make a plan to visit the chilly field. And ofcourse in your visit to Assam do not miss to visit the tea garden, it is a beautiful experience. You can enjoy the Assamese labour plucking up the tea leaves with humming songs and finally exporting boxes of tea to the whole world.

India has got such variety and colourful spices, that we can call India 'spicy India'.

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