Sunday, November 16, 2008

Toy train in India

Journey in India will be incomplete without the joyous ride of toy train. It sounds so exciting 'toy train' and the journey is similarly awe some. For the rail enthusiasts it is an excellent opportunity to explore another side of journey amidst the breathtaking nature, terraced field, chugging hills and lush green. Toy train journey gives one the feeling of fairy land as the journey is very cozy in a small train

Toy trains are slow small trains run in narrow gouge. These are only chair car carry around 200 – 250 passengers at a time. In India there are four such toy train rout. These are Shimla Kalka Toy train, Darjeeling Toy train, Nilgiri Toy Train, Matheran Toy train.

Shimla Toy Train : Shimla Toy Train journey starts from Kalka. It takes 6 hours to reach here. The rout includes 107 tunnels and lots of lofty bridges. The picturesque journey through the hill stations like Dharampore, Taksal, Gamma and Solan add some cheerful experiences in life.

Shimla is well connected from all the major cities of India. AnThe Matheran Toy Train :The Matheran Toy Train :The Matheran Toy Train :d it is well-connected by a broad gauge line up to Kalka. From Kalka to Shimla, 'the toy train' covers 96-km of track in six hours.
Shimla trip without toy train is incomplete, so put it on the must do activity.

The train in this rout are Shivalik Express, Shivalik Palace, Himalayan Queen, Shimla Kalka - Passenger Train

Darjeeling Toy train : Another famous Toy Train ride in India can be availed from the Jalpaiguri town to the lovely hills of Darjeeling. It is an extremely exciting toy train ride as it is the narrowest of all the narrow gauge rout. On this rout there is no tunnel so it allows the traveler an uninterrupted view of nature. This is is a 86 km long rout and the journey takes 7 hours.

Nilgiri Toy Train : This Toy Train starts its journey from town of Mettupalayam and runs through the turns and twist of hills to reach the resort Ooty. This journey includes 16 tunnels amidst the beautiful landscape of hills and hillocks.

The Matheran Toy Train : This rout takes one and half hour journey from Neral to Matheran. This is a tiny resort near Mumbai. The journey is very exotic as there are very less number of vehicle traffic in Matheran.

To experience this exhilarating toy train ride it is always suggested to book the tickets early instead of taking the risk of booking in the venue.

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