Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Gir National Park

Famous for Asiatic lion the Gir national park is in Gujarat, just 65 km from the city of Junagarh. It is the only remaining place in the world where you can spot the Asiatic Lion. 1, 412 sq. km of total area of which 280 sq km form the national park and permits are required to enter this part. The land is rugged and low hills and vegetation is mixed. There are plenty of rivers. The vegetation is mainly with rivers – these are jamun, teak, acacia, tendu and dhak with large patches of grass lands which offers the visitors long pleasant drives.

Wild Life Attractions at the park
Attractions lie mainly in Asiatic Lion, as Gir is the only home of them. An average Asiatic Lion, also known as the Indian Lion, which can be best viewed on their move at the dawn or dusk. Other animal which can be viewed there are Leopards, Hyenas, Jungle cat, Jackels, Mongoose, Cavet Cats, Chital, Blue bull, Sambar, Chinkara, Porcupine and Hare. There are reptiles and snakes are also found in bushes of the forest. The park has got more than 300 species of birds, and a good place for the ornithologist. It is not only considered as a protected area for the Asiatic but also as a protected area of the incredible variety of birds. The variety of birds include in the park are Paradise Flycatcher, Black Headed Cuckoo Shrike, Pied Woodpecker, Bonelli's Eagle, Creset Serpant Eagle, Painted Sandgrouse, Bush Quail and Grey Patridge. Within the sanctuary there are settlement of cattle herder which are known as Maldharis. There are places of Hindu worship with in the compound.

How to move around
The ideal way to move around the park is by jeep safari. As the terrain is uneven so jeep is the excellent means to explore the territory. There are provisions to take your own vehicle with the permission of the park authorities in to a park guide. The safari timings are 6:30 to 9:30 AM and 3 to 5 PM. One interesting area that can be covered while taking a trip to Gir is the near by tribal village, which gives an idea of the unique lifestyle and ways of living of the tribal people. A couple of tribes still reside inside the park co-existing with the wild animals.

How to reach
The nearest airport is Keshod, while it is always recommended to travel by air to Rajkot and take a bus or taxi from here. Another major airport is Ahmedabad, connected to Delhi through daily flights. And similarly nearest railheads are Sasan Gir and Veraval, while the most convenient railway station is Rajkot. It is also easily accessible by bus also from Chunagarh, Ahmedabad, Rajkot and other places.


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