Monday, February 23, 2009

Kajiranga National Park

Famous for one horn Rhinocerous, the Kajiranga National park of Assam is a nature lover's paradise. It is not only the home of one horn rhino but also provides shelter to the other wild animals like tiger, elephant, wild water buffalo, swamp deer and huge number of birds. In comparison to the other protected areas in India Kajiranga is considered as one of the best place to conserve the wild lifes. Kajiranga has got dense lush green of elephant grass, marshland and tropical moist, broad leaf forests. It has some water bodies running with in the park, which has added beauty to the park.
Kajiranga is one of the undisturbed national park in the northeastern part of India. North East is itself a very beautiful state, rich in natural flora and fauna. Kajiranga being a part of north east the natural beauty is unlimited.
Main attraction of the park
The main attraction of the park is the one horn rhino. This one horn rhino can be found only in Assam and in Nepal. Tourist from different parts of the world spot this one horn rhino in Kajiranga while taking a elephant safari through the deep jungle. It is also a birds paradise while taking the safari the different migrated birds take away the tourists attractions. Kajiranga is a very beautiful place, it has been the inspiration of many poets and laurats. Other attraction of Kajiranga is the rubber plantation and near by tea gardens of Assam.
How to get
Kajiranga is easily accessible from Guwahati. It is just 240 km from Guwahati. Nearest airport is Jorhat airport.
There are resorts available with all modern aminities.

Note : Best time to visit Kajiranga November to April.

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