Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lonavala – a paradise in monsson

Close to Mumbai and Pune yet far away from the hustle and bustle of city life Lonavala is a pretty and perfect hill station for the Mumbaikars and Puneits. Cuddles in the Sahyadri ranges Lonavla comes to life during the monsoon as the country side goes green with waterfalls and ponds.
The wonderful sceneries of Lonavala are worth nothing.

The must visiting sites in Lonavala during your trip are as follows -
First, there is the Rye Wood Park near the rail way station which is famous for its dense forest of many big and beautiful trees. During the season it attracts tourists with variety of flowers.
Second is Bushi dam, - a worth visiting place particularly during monsoon. The specialty of this dam is that it gets filled with water and the water flows on the steps where one can sit and get wet. This experience is totally different unlike other dams. Around Bushi dam there are a few water falls which are good destinations during summer.
Another exciting natural attraction of Lonavala is the The Gambhirnath Caves . The adventure freak people enjoy here a lot This area lies between Thakarwadi and Monkey Hill while departing towards Mumbai. Tourists here get chance to climb atop the hill. The path is very narrow but so it is very exciting to climb up the top. Everyone would also feel the suspense and excitement at the same time while inside.
Also do not miss visiting the Tiger's Leap. This was more known as Vagdari where everyone would also encounter Echo point. Tiger's Leap and Nagphani near to each other so that usually visited at a moment.The Dukes Nose is popular as Nagphani. Duke's Nose is also a perfect spot for those who want explorations and are adventurous.
Lonavala, Lohgarh Fort lies 12 kilometers away in the town of Malwali. Built by Shivaji, this fort once had the reputation of being impregnable. This is also another famous tourist attraction in Lonavala

Interesting activities
Trekking in Lonavala is a wonderful activity and it has always been a journey into the history of Maharashtra where the terrain shaped lives of people, their way of speaking, living, culture shows a different way of life. You can even go for a nature walks in the cascading water falls and nearby gentle slopes. Do not forget to try the famous chikki, a sweet preparation made of jaggery, peanuts and sesame seeds.

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