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Parambikulam Wild Life Sanctuary : Reservoir of tranquil greenery ensconced in a valley of scenic enchantment

The Parambikulam WildLife Sanctuary is tucked in between the Anamalai ranges of Tamil Nadu and the enthralling Nelliampathy ranges of Kerela in the Western ghats. This is also known as the virgin valley. Parambikulam Wild Life Sanctuary is the pride of the Pallakad District for its glorious tribute to the untouched nature.

Parambikulam Wild Life sanctuary is cited to be the best exemplar of eco tourism destination in India. This haven for tourists and nature lovers is positioned nearby to the Anamalai Tiger reserve near Pollachi District in Kerela State.

The reservoir of the Prambikulam wildlife Sanctuary harbours several varieties of aquatic fauna which includes the mugger crocodiles which could be often seen sun bathing on its banks.

Parambikulam protected ecological arena

Parambikulam wild life sanctuary has a protective wall of protection on all its sides in the form of sanctuaries of Kerela and Tamil Nadu. This sanctuary is sandwiched between Tamil Nadu and Kerela. The alluring scenic beauty is graced with a peninsular flora and fauna which are exquisitely conserved with total security and the minimal of human interference.

This Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is considered to be a major ecological confluence from Peechi to Eravikulam through Anamalai. It is as well a home ground for different races of indigenous people who are an important part in safeguarding the harmony of the ecological system.

Lush and Dense Habitat

The dense exuberant habitat of the sanctuary with bounteous water supply makes it aptly an abode for the wild life sustenance.The tourists as well have cherished memories of the animal sightings and also get he elegance in the lap of mother nature.
Parambikulam in other words is also revered as God's own abode and stretches over an area of 285 sq kms. While considering the abundance of the wildlife and the mesmerising beauty of the nature, Parambikulam Wild life sanctuary is the most bewitching piece of wilderness in the consolidated stretch of the Western Ghats. Western Ghats is adored amongst one of the world's 34 bio diversity hotspots.

Eco Tourism Packages

Here comes a palate of delight for all those eco lovers. The eco development committees which are operating in the area of Parambikulam wild life sanctuary, are extending remunerative eco tourism monsoon packages. These packages are being offered so that the tourists can enjoy the monsoon season amidst wild ambience.

The Parambikulam wild life sanctuary is blessed with a lush cover of flora and fauna along with breath taking view of the vast landscapes, greenery of the mountains, serenity of the dams and the reservoirs thereby making it the most cherished after eco tourist destination in Kerela.

Rare Species of Fauna

This sanctuary is also a cover home to a large number of Gaurs and Bisons and apart from them various wild life species such as the Sloth Bears, Sambhars, Chitals, Tigers, Panthers Kraits , Crocodiles, Cobras, Macaques, Turtles, Darters, Cormorants, and the black Eagles are found here.

Parambikulam Wild life Sanctuary has also won credentials for its way of successful implementation of the eco tourism initiatives with that of the help of Eco development committees. These committees are truly implementing the eco tourism policies and have engaged the tribal people residing in the sanctuary with constructive development of the arena.
The Department of Participatory forest management has come out to be of great help for the tribals. These tribals are not only provided with employment opportunities albeit they are also trained for the protection of the forest cover .

Mr Sanjay Kumaran, the wild life warden of the sanctuary informed that the most apt time for a visit to this Sanctuary is during the monsoon season.

Therefore keeping this in mind and to attract more of the tourist folks monsoon packages have been planned . Tented Niche, Island Nest, Thellikal Nights, Peeping through the watch towers, the Machan world and the tramway trek are some of the main highlights of these packages.

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