Thursday, September 3, 2009

Manas National Park : An Enthralling Experience

Manas national park is located in the northeastern State of Assam in India. The nearest access point to this park is through Guwahati which is at a distance of 176 kms (109.3 miles) from Manas.

Manas National Park is very famous for the tigers, elephants and rhinoceros. The aforesaid area covers more than 391 sq. kilometers. It stands below the lofty foothills of the Himalayas.

A part of the Manas National Park extends into Bhutan. In addition to this Manas is also declared as a World Heritage site in the late 1980s. This Wild Life habitat boasts of a great number of wild which includes the golden langur, wild buffalo, hispid hare, horned rhino, elephant, pigmy hog and gaur, hog deer and much more.

Manas National Park is also popularly known for its project elephants and rhinos and their means for conservation . In addition , this site is also considered to be one of the pioneers of one of the major tiger projects in the country. The scenic beauty of the wildlife really offers a mind boggling experience to anyone who visits the arena. The best time to visit Manas National Park is during the months of November and it goes up to April.

Activities to be done in Manas National Park:
The handiest gadget what one needs to carry if you really want to spot wildlife in this wonderful national park is binoculars. Binoculars having the night vision capability are the best suited gadget to carry while visiting the Manas Wildlife area. The truest way to watch and explore the enthralling view of the wild is through a jeep safari. In addition, to this you can enjoy a boat ride in the Manas River where you can travel from Mathaguri and it will end within a 35-kilometer range.

There are also a lot many activities which could be done once you venture into the Manas National Park. The most enjoyable activity in Manas National Park is the elephant ride which is organized by the authorities and which commences from Mathanguri. The Elephant ride is in itself a pleasant and a joyous experience especially when one ventures into the deepest and densest areas in the forests. One can also watch a good number of wildlife such as rhinos, elephants and sometimes Tigers if lucky enough while you are enjoying your elephant ride. It is not desirable to visit Manas National Park during monsoon as it is asserted that most of the animals hibernate and hide from view. Therefore, Manas National park closes during this season.

While visiting Manas National Park as for spending the night, one option open for tourists is the Forest Lodge which is located near the Park and lies within the Mathanguri area.

One could also venture towards the Manas Jungle Camp. This is basically a Community Conservation Tourism Project located in the city of Kokilabari which is adjacent to the eastern area of the Manas National Park. It is furnished with four cottages with an adequate indigenous ambience. In addition to this the location of the camp is amidst the Muga silk Plantations.

How to reach the destination of Manas National Park

To reach Manas National park one could take the road or buses which regularly take the Guwahati and Barpeta Road route. The approximate time to reach through bus is 4 hours.

By air, Manas National Park is about 176 kms (109.3 miles) from the city of Guwahati (Assam). The closest airport connecting the area is the Borihar International Airport which is about 5 kms (3.10 miles) from the park. Another best option of travelling is via trains and the location of the nearest railway station is along the Barpeta Road. Therefore to enjoy to serenity of Nature and wild life together Manas National Park is the best option.

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