Friday, September 4, 2009

Madhav National Park: showcasing the serenity of Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh

Madhav National Park is named after the late Madhav Rao Scindhia the Royal Scion of Gwalior. It is located in Gwalior region of Madhya Pradesh in India. It was built in 1959 taking into account an area of 156 sq. km. Madhav National Park enthralls its attraction throughout the year. This National Park in its present day is a protective conservation site from which the area gets pleasure as previously it was the clandestine shooting reserve for the Maharajas of Gwalior.

The Park was known for Gwalior's Kings hunting and amusement resort in earlier times. A drive through the park and having a glimpse of the wild animals is in itself a very aesthetic experience.

The park is basically a sanctuary for wildlife habitat. The Madhav National Park is said to be open throughout the year. It consists of a vast contingent of Indian Gazella, Chitals, Chinkaras. The dominant species residing here are the Deer and the Chital.

The attraction in matters of AviFauna is truly irresistable. A syntheic lake known as the ChandPatha is the home of the migratory Pochard, geese, teal, gadwall and the pintail in every winter.

Sights for watching are the Sakhya Sagar, Madhav Sagar, and George Castle which are very famous here. A visit to Madhav National Park cites to be a very invigorating experience.

The places of sightseeing are like wise abundant in the case of AviFauna. The site where the exact forest trail crosses the Stone laden watercourse which gushes from the expended barrier is a real thrill for the bird watchers. Species commonly found here, a delight for the visitors are the large Pied wagtail, Indian Pond Heron, Red-wattled lapwing , White breasted Kingfisher, white Ilbis, painted Stork, purple Sunbird , whistling Teals, Mugger Crocodiles and the Asian Paradise Flycatcher.

Famous Sightseeing Places in Madhav National Park.

In the year 1918, the Sakhya Sagar and the Madhav Sagar lakes were created on the river Manier. These are the two main Biodiversity confirming systems in the Madhav National Park aside from several perennial Streams and springs. The Sakhya nagar lake is situated on the border of the the Forest of the Park. There is a boat club named the Sailing club situated on the seaboard of the lake and the Sakhya Sagar lake is the home to a mixture of reptiles.

The Flora in this area is a mixture of arid deciduous woodland . The best time to visit Madhav National Park is from the month of October to the month February.

Four-wheeler Petrol vehicle and four wheeler diesel vehicle are the best means of travelling inside the Madhav National Park. The closest airport is at Gwalior and the nearest railway station also at Gwalior and Jhansi. As for bus service nearest bus stand is located at Shivpuri and Jhansi.

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