Thursday, June 23, 2011

Endangered Species in India

Endangered species has now become a big issue in India, as many species of mammals, birds and wild animals are just on the verge of extinction. Although the Government of India has folded its sleeves to save these extinct species of India, yet we all too have to support this cause in the best manner for the conservation of Wildlife. The wildlife of India is enriched with numerous rare varieties of flora and fauna, and so is counted among the richest wildlife of the world.

Let's Know More about Endangered Species in India

When any species is left with very few numbers of its kind, and could disappear from the earth, then it is called endangered species. And if any species has not been seen on the planet for 50 years, then it becomes extinct. In India there are total 762 species of flora and fauna, that are recorded as extinct species of India.

Reasons Behind Endangered Species in India

There are many reasons, why number of endangered species is increasing gradually. The most pitiful part is that, it's only we – the human beings, who are responsible for this Eco-disaster. The increasing constructions, expansions of agriculture, poaching, faster growing industrialization and trade etc have destructed the habitats of these innocent creatures. The day by day cutting of Indian jungle has shaken the global system, resulting of which, drastic climate and environmental changes are also responsible for it. Illegal hunting of Indian animals is also one of the serious cause behind.

Although the Indian Government has taken certain fruitful steps to overcome this serious matter, yet all the efforts are incomplete without our own co-operation. Project Tiger, Save Tiger are some praise worthy steps taken by government of India. Project Tiger is a wildlife conservation movement to protect Indian tigers, which was started in 1972.

IUCN (International Union For the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources) – the World's main authority on the conservation status of species, has declared a IUCN Red List – 2009. The list is categorized as Critically Endangered (CE), Endangered (EN) and Vulnerable species.

Critically Endangered (total 52 species)
Indian Vulture, Wroughton's Free-tailed Bat, Jerdon's Courser, Malabar Large Spotted Civet, Ganges Shark, Pygmy Hog, Himalayan Wolf, Black Buck, Jenkin's Shrew etc.

(total 117 species): Asiatic Black Bear, Indian Lion, Fin Whale, Wild Cat, Chiru, Golden Leaf Monkey, Kashmir Stag, Blue Whale, Dhole (Asiatic Black Dog), Banteng, Loggerhead Sea Turtle, Markhor, Marsh Mangoose, Indian Elephant, Capped Leaf Monkey, Red Panda, Snow Leoperd, Royal Bengal Tiger, White Bengal Tigers, Woolly Flying Squirrel, Nilgiri Thar etc.

(total 271 Species): Andaman Rat, Andaman Horseshoe Bat, Asiatic Golden Cat, Brow-Antlered Deer, Brown Fish Owl, Indian Cobra Brown Bear, Brown Palm Civet, European Otter, Gaur, Golden Jackal, Himalayan Musk Deer, Kerala Rat, Mouflon, Nilgiri Leaf Monkey, Wild Goat, Wild Yak etc.

So let's try our best to save these precious part of our environment, before they disappear and become extinct!

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