Thursday, June 30, 2011

Taj Mahal Travel

Taj Mahal, an epitome of true love, and a symbol of brilliant artistry is one of the top tourist destination of India. Every year million of travelers get attracted to the mesmerizing beauty of Taj Mahal India. If you ask someone to explain the beauty of Taj in words, it is for sure that its impossible. The magical aura of Taj sweeps you off your feet and take you to another world of love.

Taj Mahal History:

A very romantic and beautiful love story is associated with the construction of this white marble mausoleum. The story of a young Prince who fell in love with Anjumad Begum (Mumtaz Mahal) when he first saw her in the market. They later got married and lived a happy life. But soon it was over with the untimely death of his king. After her death Shahjahan decided to erect a beautiful mausoleum in her loving memory. Once you are inside the Taj you can feel the charismatic aura of its.

Tourist places in Agra India:

Taj located in the amazing city of Agra is the top tourist destination here. But besides it there are many other good historical places in Agra that one can visit during their visit. One can also cal these places a reflection of the great Mughal architecture. Some of them are:

. Agra Red Fort

. Jami Masjid

. Fatehpur Sikri

. Chini Ka Rauza

. Sikandra

Hotels in Agra:

Beside great traveling places, Agra also has good staying options to offer to its guest. If you have high budget then you can opt for luxury hotels, if you have limited budget then are a wide variety of 4 star and 3 star hotels for you. The warm hospitality of the hotel staff and home like atmosphere of these hotels will surely touch your heart. For example Holiday Inn, Hotel Taj View, Man Singh Palace make their guests feel like a royal personnel.

And also do not forget to take lots of Taj pics for your sweet memories. Also check out interesting Taj Mahal travel packages to make you holidays more exciting.

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