Friday, September 9, 2011

North India Tourism

The serenity and magical aura of North India, every year attracts the travelers from all around the world. A trip to North India, is an experience of a lifetime that can never be forgotten. One the one hand you get to see the ancient heritage monuments in North India, simultaneously you will get to see vibrant and modern cities here.

Adore The Architecture Of Qutub Minar

If you are more into spirituality, then a visit to Amarnath temple and Rudraprayag is a must for you. Besides this North India also cater to the adventure enthusiasts coming here from world over. Speeding against the white snow on the skies, is the ultimate adventure to test you endurance.

If you very much interested in knowing the history of the country then you must plan a visit to the historical monuments here. Places like Sanchi Stupa or Khajuraho temples will definitely take you into the ancient times. It sounds so interesting and yes it is. Check out these other attractions of North India:

A Holy Trip To Amarnath

A Spiritual Tour Of Rudraprayag

Adventurous Tour To Rohtang Pass

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