Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Rakhi - The Bond of Love

  Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi, this festival that marks the sacred bond of love of a brother fro his sister. By tying a simple thread on the wrist of her brother a sister ensure that their love and this relation last till end. And in return it is the unspoken promise of a brother to swear to protect his sister all life long.      
It is this magical bond for which we all celebrate the festival of Rakhi every year. Celebrated in the month of Sawan, Rakhi tying tradition goes back to ancient times, when Draupadi tied a part of her chunri to Lord Krishna's hand. And it was because of this thread that he protected her from the Kaurvas.    
This was the historical chapter, now we come to modern times when much advertising of this festival is done through different sources. Like every year new designs of rakhis come into market and also the options of gifts (for your sis) has also changed with the time.
But one thing that has not changed is kite flying competitions in the evening. Loud music, sweets, drinks entire family gather on the terrace for this. Its just a picture perfect moment.

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