Friday, January 16, 2009

Sunderban - an exotic location

An exotic holiday destination for the wild life lovers, the biggest delta in the world formed by Brahmaputra, Ganga and Meghan river is Sunderban. The Sunderban National Park and bird Sancturies situated in West Bengal is world famous for its dense forest, mangroves and Royal Bengal Tiger. Covering core area of 1330.10 sq Km is a home of about 200 tigers and the east of the park is Bangladesh which has also around 200tigers. Sunderbam is a home to thousands of wild animals and crocodile. Mainly it is well known for its presrvation of Royal Bengal tiger.

The park is consist of rivers and rivulets and thus the tigers of Sunderban are good swimmer. The forest of the jungle dominated by mangroves forest which are called Sundari trees. And thus the term Sunderban. The mangroves in the rivers and rivulets has given the park an inevitable beauty. No other place in the world has such beautiful sight. One can spot the wild animals like tiger sitting on a speed boat. It is really exciting and a life time achievement. It should mention here that UNESCO has inscribed Sunderban as world heritage site.

Permits and Access
Sometimes the visitors access is restricted because of conservation reason. It is always recommended to join group tour organized by WBTDC.
Permits are required for foreigners.

Where to stay
Sajnakhali bird sanctuary is the only area where lodging facility is available. There are jungle camp available arranged by Sunderban Forest Resort just opposite Sanjakhali.

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